LPC Associates of Texas

Advocacy Initiatives and Related Updates

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Submitted to TSBEPC in October 2018

  • Change the title LPC Intern to LPC Associate‚Äč

  • Allow LPC Interns to accept payments from clients as currently allowed for LMFT Associates

  • Allow LPC Interns to operate a private practice as currently allowed for LMFT Associates 

  • Remove "Supervised by" requirement for LPC Interns as currently allowed for LMFT Associates

Updates on Proposed Rule Changes 

  • The LPC Intern to LPC Associate title change is not yet effective but will be soon! In collaboration and mutual support with the Texas Counseling Association, we are happy to share that we fully expect LPC Associate to be adopted by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors (TSBEPC) on October 27th, 2020. Please continue using the LPC Intern title until then. We will confirm (and celebrate!) on our public page and private group when the title change is official. Thank you to all the advocates who made this possible! Please note that we will update our materials to reflect all recent changes as time and resources allow. 

  • As for the other proposed rule changes, there are no current updates. 


  • Fair pay (or sometimes pay at all!) for LPC Interns 

  • Employment opportunities and accessibility for LPC Interns

  • Educational campaigns related to LPC Interns as valuable, knowledgeable, and skilled mental health professional

  • Low-cost or free training opportunities for counseling students and LPC Interns

  • See our petition here