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LPC Associates of Texas

Advocacy Initiatives and Related Updates

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Submitted January 28, 2021 for TSBEPC meeting on 02/12/2021 


Submitted in December 2020

  • LPC Associates of Texas has formally petitioned for the following rule changes to promote parity for LPC Associates: 

    • own and operate a private practice ​

    • accept direct payment for services provided

    • remove requirement to list supervisor's name 

  • These align with activities currently permitted for LMFT Associates. Like our colleagues, LPC Associates are valuable mental health professionals with the education and training necessary to serve clients in a variety of settings. 

  • Review the full petition here.

  • Special thanks to Kate Walker (of Kate Walker Training and Texas Counselors Creating Badass Businesses) for her contributions and support and Blaine Hummel for reviewing the petition. 

  • Thank you for your continued professional advocacy efforts!

Submitted in October 2018

  • LPC Associates of Texas (then the Texas LPC Intern Association) previously submitted the above-proposed rule changes to TSBEPC in October 2018. 

Updates on Proposed Rule Changes 

  • The LPC Intern to LPC Associate title change became effective on November 19th, 2020! Congratulations! The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors (TSBEPC) announced the effective date at its November 6th, 2020 board meeting. Thank you to all the advocates who made this possible! Please note that we will update our materials to reflect all recent changes as time and resources allow. 

  • As for the other proposed rule changes, there are no current updates. 


  • Fair pay (or sometimes pay at all!) for LPC Associates

  • Employment opportunities and accessibility for LPC Associates

  • Educational campaigns establishing LPC Associates as valuable, knowledgeable, and skilled mental health professionals

  • Low-cost or free training opportunities for counseling students and LPC Associates

  • See our petition here

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